Veteran Chip PR Man’s Wake Ends in Chaos, Arrests

 Mountain View, CA – April 1, 2011 – Police responding to calls from multiple Castro St. businesses last night arrested several dozen journalists, industry analysts and so called public relations professionals in and around Mollie McGee’s pub.  Charging the group with reckless endangerment and disturbing the peace, the officers said that the hacks and flacks would be held “until they sober up, which probably will be sometime next week.”


Proprietors of the pub said that the group was celebrating the memory of Joseph Fowler, a veteran of the Silicon Valley public relations scene who passed away on March 2. 


“The whole group seemed a little tipsy on arrival, but when they explained that they simply wanted to give a dear friend a proper Irish farewell we could not turn them away,” said bartender Dirk McGirkle.  “Then we got a phone call from St

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. Stephen’s Green a few doors down, warning us that the mourners had wrecked the place after drinking the entire stock of Guinness.  That’s when we speed dialed the cell phones of every cop who’s ever sat at our bar.”


As several hundred peace officers converged on the 400 block of Castro Street, the strangely gregarious and yet introverted celebrants broke out into a medley of Irish shanties, Italian arias and Kentucky hillbilly jive that they claimed were “Joe’s favorite tunes.”  When told to cease and desist, the group threatened to publish an expose of police malfeasance that would be read by “all of the chip engineers still at work in the Silicon Valley semiconductor industry.”


“Not all of the engineering community has given up trying to raise huge amounts of capital from VCs that prefer investing in companies with no physical products,” said a journalist who asked to remain anonymous (since he was interviewing for an  aggregator job at Goo-Hoo, the year’s hottest mobile geo-targeted virtually social web publishing community).  “We are sure that we can get the hundred or so remaining hardware engineers in Silicon Valley to join us when we hold the real wake for Joe.”




Everyone who loved and respected Joe Fowler is cordially invited to honor him in a memorial celebration on Thursday, May 5 in San Jose, Calif.  We will meet beginning at 6:00 p.m. at O’Flaherty’s Irish Pub on San Pedro Square.  Please note that the date coincides with the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley, chosen to give friends from out of town an expense report ready reason to attend.


Click here to RSVP via Evite. 


 Feel free to spread this message as you see fit. 


See you on Cinco de Mayo!