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The emergence of web-based journalism, dramatic changes in the economics of traditional media, and the interaction between new and old media outlets create incredible opportunities to communicate with key audiences. While unfiltered messages now can reach a broader audience than ever before, communicators also must address the challenges of working with a myriad of professional and citizen journalists and evolving social media and social networking outlets

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Clear materials and messages are wasted if they are not delivered to the correct audience. Small Planet PR looks across the broad and evolving filtered media and direct-to-reader range of communications opportunities to develop targeted outreach programs. Relationships with editors and analysts are based on providing information and insights that help them work more effectively. In short, we believe that it is not who we know, but what we know that creates positive results for clients.

Traditional media relations, speaker placement, tradeshow support and editorial calendar tracking remain an important part of any B2B public relations program. Small Planet PR adroitly handles the basics, while looking at all potential communications channels and building an understanding of the information needs and working methods of online and traditional media, market analysts, and communities that influence our client’s customers.